Asger Nissen

Saxophonist, composer,

Asger Nissen is a Danish saxophonist and composer, born in 1996 in Elsinore, Denmark. At the age of 6, Asger’s musical interest was sparked as he started Suzuki Violin. Very quickly, he got a taste for jazz music and began to improvise. He later picked up the saxophone and with 13 he started taking jazz saxophone lessons with Peter Fuglsang (DR bigband).

Along with attending Danish high school, Asger did his pre-studies at Elsinore MGK taking lessons with Simon Thorsen and Flemming Agerskov. Already at this time, Asger Nissen was an active part of the Copenhagen Jazz Community, amongst others with the award winning Avant Garde Sextet, ALAWARI. 


In autumn 2017, Asger Nissen moved to Berlin, Germany to study his bachelor at the Jazz Institute Berlin (JIB/UdK). At the JIB Asger has been under close guidance by Prof. Peter Weniger (Sax, DE) and Prof. Greg Cohen (Bass, US).

With his strong and emotional sound as well as energetic and curious approach, Asger Nissen has established a strong name within the Jazz circles of Germany. He has been working and performing with artists like Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, Jonas Westergaard, Chris Dell, Otis Sandsjö, Petter Eldh, Uli Kempendorff, Pablo Held, Bernhard Meyer etc.

Asger Nissen has toured in a broad variety of countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the US.  

Asger Nissen functions as bandleader and sideman in various projects:

Nissen Mosh:
Asger Nissen – Alto Sax, Comp.
Valentin Gerhardus – Piano
Thorbjørn Stefansson – Bass
Marius Wankel – Drums

Asger Nissen – Alto Sax
Victor Fox – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet

Roger Kintopf – Bass, comp.

Felix Ambach – Drums

Nissen/Gerhardus Duo



Jim & the Shrimps

Asger Nissen – Alto Sax

Julius Gawlik – Julius Gawlik

Felix Henkelhausen – Bass

Jim Black – Drums


Jojo Mann – Guitar

Julius Gawlik – Tenor Sax

Povel Widestrand – Piano

Felix Henkelhausen – Bass

Marius Wankel – Drums


Asger Nissen – Alto
Uli Kempendorff – Tenor
Phil Donkin – Bass
Fabi Rösch – Drums




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